Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Literary Awards to Boost Christmas Gift Sales

Canadian Literary Awards are being dispensed, just in time for the Christmas shopping season, by the arbiters of the culture industry and their publishing industry cronies.

It is safe to assume, even without having read any of the winning works, that nothing disruptive to the dominant economic order will receive commendation or emolument from the media mafia enforcers.

On the government payroll, the winning authors collect for what one might well suspect is the usual politically correct distractions from what literature with guts would present.

No novel with a theme critical of the corporate-socialist oligarchy and their pseudo-progressive flunkies is going to be awarded financial subsidy by the Governor-General or any of the government "arts councils."

Instead of grinding out "literary" crud for their government sponsors, the winning hacks should get off the government suck dole . . . and write with fire in the belly and rage against the machine.