Friday, April 30, 2010

US Ambassador Moron

The political problems between Cuba and the United States will be resolved in 50 years when the island disappears under water because of climate change, said Carlos Pascual, the U.S. ambassador in Mexico City.
Mr. Pascual, born in Havana in 1959, was introduced as an “expert in climate change and renewable energy” at a Forum called Green Business Expo held at a private university in Mexico City. In his talk he referred to the effect of global warming and rising sea levels in areas such as Florida and Cuba, according to CNN [Spanish language].

If that's the case, Florida and much of the US east coast will also be submerged. Cuba, even after another fifty years wasted by the US, would be the least of problems for the US.
US State Department should demand bigger bribes from the dummies made ambassadors.

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