Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Weeks Until Canada's Federal Election: 2 May 2011

List of Harper hypocrisies, lies and general misleading:

He ranted for years about open transparent government.
Then he lied to Parliament about the true cost of his pet projects (jets and jails) and shut Parliament down twice to avoid answering difficult questions.

He promised electoral reform.
Then he cheated to win the 2006 election by overspending more than $1 million through the in-and-out scandal.

He kicked Helena Guergis, a member of the Conservative caucus, out of the party for allegedly associating with prostitutes and other offenses, none of which were substantiated.
Then he entertained Bruce Carson and his prostitute girlfriend at 24 Sussex Drive.

Though he has reviled the Senate, he has appointed partisan supporters to the Red Chamber.

He yaps about the 15-year-old sponsorship scandal repeatedly, then lies to Parliament in order to get a $50-million slush fund approved for Tony Clement's riding and added to the G-20 summit (June 2010) costs. Parliament was told the money was for border security during the summit, according to a leaked Auditor-General report.

He talks relentlessly about being tough on crime, then surrounds himself with convicted criminals and fraudsters in the Senate and on his staff.

It seems that whatever Harper is criticizing most loudly in public is exactly what he himself practises and tries to conceal.

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