Monday, June 17, 2013

Harper: Bumptious Bumpkin of G-8

17 June 2013, at the G-8 Economic Summit . . . Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, criticized Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, for supporting what Harper characterized "thugs of the Assad regime." He suggested that Putin should not be at the conference table with other world leaders, as if to dismiss Russia from meaningful involvement in this week’s talks. “I don’t think we should fool ourselves. This is the G-7 plus one. Let’s be blunt, that’s what this is: the G-7 plus one,” Mr. Harper said, according to the Toronto Star. The oligarchic globalists have determined that Harper is on his way out of office and used him for a cheap-shot rant against Putin, a national leader who scorns them. Note how the nominal leaders of the "West" take an extremely bellicose position against the government in Syria right after the recent Bilderberg meeting. They got their orders. Their stance includes lying about chemical weapons used by the Syrian government forces, and argues for supporting the insurgents in Syria, at least one of whom has been recorded excising and eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier. Such savages are hailed as "rebels" while the government forces are called "thugs." This marks a new low for the self-styled "democracies" of the "West." Mourn aghast at the depths to which they have sunk and to which they conspire to drag the rest of the world. As for the claim of sarin being used . . . CIA disinformation scoundrels recycle the WMD hoax. Or they recycle the Sudan pharmaceutical factory fabrication. Check for parathion insecticide instead of sarin. Russia and the UN are wise to be skeptical. Let's see field reports, lab reports, mass-spectrometer printouts, fluorine signals in the organophosphate data, and don't forget to establish the chain-of-custody for the samples. White House should also get rid of the hack novelist who is churning out the unconvincing fiction.

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