Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aid to Haiti Constrained

There are reports of growing anger at the US puppet regime led by President René Préval, who was installed by a coup against elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004.
The Times of London wrote: “Haitians complain that their government has been silent. President Préval is himself camped out at the airport ... and aid distribution has been either totally absent or at best haphazard.” It noted that water bottles sell for $6 on the black market in Port-au-Prince.

Peter Hallward's column at the Guardian is worth reading. It explains how Haiti has been damaged by more than natural disasters in the last two hundred years.

US military occupation forces are constraining relief efforts by other nations and aid groups.
They claim that security must be established.
Cuban doctors have traveled to Haiti and are treating earthquake victims without armed guards.

Fidel Castro, on his website, explains what Cuba has been doing for Haiti.

Fidel Castro writes:
"Haiti was the first country in which 400,000 Africans, enslaved and trafficked by Europeans, rose up against 30,000 white slave masters on the sugar and coffee plantations, thus undertaking the first great social revolution in our hemisphere. Pages of insurmountable glory were written there. Napoleon's most eminent general was defeated there. Haiti is the net product of colonialism and imperialism, of more than one century of the employment of its human resources in the toughest forms of work, of military interventions and the extraction of its natural resources."
Further, Castro reminds the world:
"In the field of healthcare and other areas, Cuba - despite being a poor and blockaded country - has been cooperating with the Haitian people for many years. Around 400 doctors and healthcare experts are offering their services free of charge to the Haitian people. Our doctors are working every day in 227 of the country's 337 communes. On the other hand, at least 400 young Haitians have trained as doctors in our homeland. They will now work with the reinforcement brigade which traveled there yesterday to save lives in this critical situation. Thus, without any special effort being made, up to 1,000 doctors and health-care experts can be mobilized, almost all of whom are already there willing to cooperate with any other state that wishes to save the lives of the Haitian people and rehabilitate the injured."

Other countries complain that their efforts to assist Haiti have been hampered.

Russian aid for Haiti blocked by US

Why? Because the US does not want Haiti to recover from the earthquake disaster except as a US colony.

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