Sunday, January 31, 2010

Standard Imperialist Operations

Even before the 12 January 2010 earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, with 80% of its nine million people living below the poverty line.
Jean-Max Bellerive, the Haitian Prime Minister, told delegates at an international conference in Montreal that it will take Haiti four to five years just to climb back to its pre-earthquake status.

A report originally in The Guardian newspaper warns:
US "Security Concerns" Could Cost Lives

An article originally in The Nation denotes the same old colonialism for corporate interests is at work in Haiti.

The corporate media attempts to portray Haitians as looting, stealing, killing, pushing, fighting and rioting. Always the story is about how security is needed, never about the remarkable order that the Haitians have conducted themselves with for the most part. They have helped each other, shared food, policed themselves, and conducted themselves with remarkable dignity. Crime is less now than it was before the earthquake.
The racist portrayal of violent, unruly Haitians, is, I would guess, necessary to justify all the foreign troops, US and Canadian landing there. I guess we're not about to let this peaceful behavior get out of hand. Wouldn't want to let the Haitian people get a better political and economic system out of this.

Meanwhile, the colonialist program aims to destabilize Haitian society.

Women Only Food Sites

The oligarchic oppressors and their colonialist cronies want to keep the men of Haiti in a weak condition in order to prevent uprising against the Occupation.
That is why they only pay subsistence wages in the corporate-socialist sweatshops.
They want to keep people down, keep people weak, keep people under control for
By constraining the supply of food and water, US colonialist Occupation forces want to provoke an uprising so they can massacre Haitians who refuse to be starved into submission
File it all under standard imperialist operations.

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