Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Iran Sanctions

Russia is not likely to support the US agitation for sanctions.

TASS reported 4 February: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister has said that the country cannot agree with sanctions against Iran because sanctions do not work as a rule.
"We do hope very much that Tehran will consider the sextet's proposals in a constructive manner and respond to them positively," Sergei Ryabkov.

On the same day, a Chinese diplomat in Paris was quoted as telling reporters, “To talk about sanctions at the moment will complicate the situation and might stand in the way of finding a diplomatic solution.”

His remarks, quoted by Reuters, seemed a direct rebuff of US efforts to secure broad international support for tougher penalties against Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, accused by US of running a covert nuclear arms program.

The Iranian government says the program is for peaceful civilian purposes.

“China firmly supports the international nuclear nonproliferation regime,” said Yang Jiechi, the Chinese Foreign Minister. “All countries, Iran included, if they obey I.A.E.A. rules, have a right to a peaceful use of nuclear energy.”

The I.A.E.A. — the International Atomic Energy Agency — is the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, based in Vienna.

If the US has any evidence of Iran violating IAEA rules, it should present it to the world. Otherwise, STFU.

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