Monday, February 8, 2010

Tony Blair Conspiracy Theory

Daily Mail interview with Tony Blair reveals paranoid delusion.

Daily Mail

Tony Blair yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on the Iraq inquiry - as the chairman warned that he and others could be recalled over 'gaps' in their evidence.

In an outspoken interview in the U.S., the former prime minister dismissed the inquiry as part of a ' continual desire to sort of uncover some great conspiracy'.

Speaking on Fox News he said critics of the war were obsessed with conspiracy theories, and refused to accept that his motives were 'genuine'.

No, Tony, you're wrong yet again.
You're the deluded idiot who believed, or professed to believe, the conspiracy theory that Saddam Hussein had WMDs.
And critics of the war are quite willing to accept that your motives were genuine. They know that you are an insane mass murderer who saw nothing wrong in the slaughter of one million innocent Iraqis as part of an imperialist resources grab.

Everyone understands you quite well, Tony. They know you are evil.

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