Sunday, March 7, 2010

Power Class Monsters Punish Defiance with War Crimes

Iraq invasion was not about WMDs. It was about incorporating the world for the controller class and punishing defiance.

Chilcot Inquiry, 5 March 2010, UK PM Gordon Brown:
"Our position was to support action so that the will of the international community, that Saddam Hussein disclose and dispose of weapons, be reinforced, and at the back of my mind was this sense that, if the international community did not act here, then the international community would find it difficult to gain credibility for acting in other areas, and this new world order that we were trying to create was being put at risk. So I go back to what I say is the wider argument about defying the will of the international community."

The same impulse governs the attempt to extort from Iceland because of bank failure.

The entities employing odious debt devices and propaganda don't care about peace, love and good vibrations. They lust for power. They want to grind your face into the dirt.

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