Wednesday, March 17, 2010

US Existential Threat: Israel

Pressure on US is intensifying. US must slap down the State of "Israel" or bow down. The whole world is watching. Other entities, state and non-state, will be emboldened to make their moves if the US looks weak. The State of "Israel" has become an existential threat to the US.

As Mark Perry has reported on the Foreign Policy magazine website, a team dispatched by Gen. David Petraeus of Central Command briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff on January 16 to the effect that the conduct of Israel with respect to the Palestinians has now caused the Islamic forces cooperating with the United States, as well as those fighting it, to conclude that the US is weak, and its military posture is subverted by American complicity with Israel’s intransigence on the Palestinian issue.
When this was conveyed to the White House, the shock was great. The message itself was not so much a surprise as the emphasis and urgency with which senior American commanders now regard the problem.

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